We’re pleased to see that some of Revolver’s ex staffers not been resting on their laurels while waiting for the company to call in the administrators. Former head of marketing and creative director at Revolver, Tom Clark, along with head of acquisitions Eduardo Panizzo have launched Coffee & Cigarettes, a new agency that will offer both creative services but also distribution consultancy.

This means it can design key art, websites, trailers and other elements, but it can also offer advice on production, distribution, signing deals and more, offering what it describes as a “producer’s guide through every aspect of the business side of the film industry”. Clark said:

“One of the things I believe makes us unique is that we bring an experienced distribution perspective to each of the projects we work on.

Having acquired, marketed and released over 350 films in the UK and USA over the past 10 years (and taken home a fair few awards for those campaigns) we have developed a good sense of what works, and why, and we feel this offers everyone we work with some tangible value.” Panizzo added: “We want to help producers to realise the full potential of their product, which is often directly linked to the presentation, packaging and quality of their marketing materials. New technology means that the domestic and international distribution world is getting smaller and with our experience and contacts we feel that we can help producers achieve their goals.

Increasingly in the UK we have found that self-distribution is now a genuine option and we are happy to be a conduit for that, providing producers with greater transparency and greater control of their revenue.”