Film Sales Representation is a core service offered by Coffee & Cigarettes. We work differently to traditional Sales Agents by offering a clear, flat rate fee for our sales work and setting Producers up with direct distribution deals with the best distributors in the UK and USA. We don’t insert ourselves into the revenue streams from the film. This affords the producer greater transparency and direct reporting from the distributor as well as greater control over the release of their films. Coffee & Cigarettes sells films directly to the best distributors in the UK and USA as well as brokering International Sales Agent deals for rest of world.



For more information on these films and availability of rights please inquire via the CONTACT US page.



  1. Once all the Sales & Marketing materials are completed and signed off we begin the Sales process
  2. For UK/US Distributor Sales and International Sales Agent placement C&C create a top 10-20 hit list of companies that we feel are the best home for the film in each case
  3. C&C will arrange a call/meeting to talk the client through all companies on the list and the reasons why we have chosen/ranked them (we see this as very much a collaborative process). C&C will also talk the client through the particular nuances, tastes and strengths of each company so that you are making an informed decision
  4. Once the client has signed off on our Sales Strategy we move to launch the film to the trade
  5. Before we take the film out we decide on the Trade Publicity strategy for the film, this usually includes a press release announcing C&C’s representation of the film, it’s availability and placing the Artworks and Trailer as exclusive placements
  6. Once the film has been launched to the trade we book in a call or meeting with the number 1 company on each list, we do not take the film out to any other companies until that number 1 company has either offered a deal or passed on the film, if they offer a deal then C&C move to deal term negotiation on the client’s behalf but in consultation with them, if they pass we move to the number 2 company on the list and so on until we have a deal in place or until all avenues have been exhausted
  7. Heads of Terms / Deal Term Negotiation: the bulk of the work takes place at this stage. The process is critical and one of the most important factors in ensuring you have the best chance of your film recouping. Deal Term Negotiation typically takes between 2-12 weeks and involves the negotiation of the finer deal term points in order to maximise our client’s royalties. Deal Term Negotiation includes, but is not limited to, MG and percentage negotiation, release model and marketing/PR strategy negotiation, P&A cost capping / commitments, payment scheduling and deliverables schedule negotiation.



Making a feature film (especially a first feature) is an incredibly difficult and challenging endeavor. But handling the positioning of the film for the marketplace and acquiring a distribution deal – these are things best left to experts. Tom, Edo and the whole team at Coffee & Cigarettes are just that – experts. Their years of experience in the very particular world of independent film distribution proved absolutely invaluable in our process. They guided us empathetically, respectfully and passionately at every step of the journey and the results were outstanding. We were so pleased that we chose Coffee & Cigarettes to see our film through to the finish line.”


In recent years, the myriad of firms providing marketing/design services has provided a more competitive space when picking a partner to entrust the branding of your project. Coffee & Cigarettes is a firm that not only has the creative edge, but also pulse on business trends coupled with industry expertise and relationships that add additional value. Working with C&C on several projects including the feature film Almost Paris, has proven to be an worth while investment and they have become true strategic partner. Look no further than the leadership team of Tom and Eduardo to assist with all your creative services.
LISA G. BLACK, CEO-Producer, Garnet Girl


For small independent film-makers, like MCN Productions, the world of distribution is a minefield. Tom Clark and his team at Coffee & Cigarettes guided us through the whole process and – most importantly – got us a great UK Distribution deal and a great US (and International) Distribution Deal for our film. I can’t speak highly enough of everyone at C&C; they know the business inside-out and understand the concerns of film-makers. The basic agreement I had with them was that they would get us a Distribution deal. They did! But they did so much more for us as well, explaining everything as we went along and giving advice and support when we needed it. They work in a totally transparent way: no hidden agendas or murky areas! Just enthusiastic, creative, knowledgeable and thoroughly decent people! Thanks, guys!
MIKE CARTER, Director, MCN Productions


I engaged Coffee and Cigarettes to provide creative services (including trailer, artwork and Sales sheet) once BEYOND was completed. I also engaged the company as our sales representative to advise me on distribution options and ultimately place the film with an international Sales Agent and UK distributor. Following a private screening of the film Tom and Edo provided a comprehensive list of comparable films, both in terms of tone and in performance. We had a meeting to establish our goal for the film and what we were ultimately looking to achieve and then Tom and Edo outlined the various options available to us and how we could position the film in the market. They are incredibly knowledgeable and seem to keep their knowledge bang up to date in terms of market trends, what the sales and distribution companies are looking for and what they will respond to. They produced a superb trailer that went through two drafts with feedback from us and guidance from Tom and Edo at each stage. The trailer, at time of writing, has achieved over 1,100,000 views on Youtube and the film is still four months from release with the Distributor marketing campaign yet to begin. The quality and variation of artwork far exceeded my expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with Coffee and Cigarettes. While it was a very collaborative process and they took on board our feedback, they also provided strong guidance on how variations of the artwork would be received in the international market. Edo successfully placed our film with a great International Sales Agent and directly with a UK Distributor. But more than that, his guidance and advice throughout the process has been absolutely invaluable. He took the time to talk me through the pros and cons of each company and their respective offers plus the time to talk me through alternative distribution avenues available to us so I could make a fully informed decision. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the service that Coffee and Cigarettes provided. The quality of their work is above industry standard, they are professional and committed and I always felt like our film was in safe hands.