Coffee & Cigarettes working on the Poster for upcoming Anna Hutchinson horror, Wrecker

Anna Hutchinson upcoming horror film It's not exactly a tough life when you have projects like this to work on... Anna Hutchinson (Cabin in the Woods, Spartacus) stars in upcoming horror, Wrecker, from the producer of American Mary. The film is a little hush hush at the moment but if you were a fan of

Coffee & Cigarettes create poster for new Ali Larter horror, The Diabolical

Coffee & Cigarettes are working away on the International Film Poster for upcoming Horror film, The Diabolical. Starring Ali Larter (Final Destination franchise, House on Haunted Hill, hit TV series Heroes) the film offers a whole new and exciting sci-fi twist on the Haunted House sub-genre and follows the success of films such as Dark

Coffee & Cigarettes managed release of ‘One Night in Istanbul’ is a hit!

It's official, the release of Liverpool Football Club backed film 'One Night in Istanbul' is a Box Office and Home Entertainment hit having landed in the Top 10 in the UK Chart this week and is the third highest new entry of the week! As well as managing the marketing and distribution of the film

Coffee & Cigarettes attend Berlin Film Festival and European Film Market 2015

As part of our Acquisitions and Sales remit Coffee & Cigarettes attend all the major film markets and festivals and Berlin 2015 is no exception. We're looking forward to another successful market. For Sales or Acquisitions service information please see out contacts page. We broker distribution deals directly with all UK Distributors and broker deals


FILM WEBSITE PROJECT DESCRIPTION Coffee & Cigarettes were commissioned by The Film Agency and L'Arp to work on a complete campaign for the critically acclaimed film 'White Shadow'. The website will be used for the release campaigns across six different European territories and features six different language options for the site. PROJECT