Nice to see our poster for Ava get a spot on the list! SEE THIS

Permission to Dance

We're thrilled to announce we're on board to create trailers for our fourth Worldwide BTS cinema release 'Permission to Dance'. The world’s favorite K-pop band will grace the big screen in theaters worldwide on March 12, with the release of the live concert broadcast “BTS Permission to Dance on Stage – Seoul: Live Viewing.”

The Gallery

From Paul Rachid, Director of acclaimed interactive films 'Five Dates' and 'The Complex' comes the next chapter in live action video games and interactive film. We're having a blast working with Paul on the finishing touches to the trailer and the poster has launched! Looking forward to sharing more on 'The Gallery' soon...


Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen put on a united front as they attended the world premiere of Wayne’s tell-all documentary Rooney, which will air on Amazon Prime Video. Film poster design by Coffee & Cigarettes: FIND OUT MORE

Wicked Games

When Harley joins her new boyfriend for a long Halloween weekend at his country estate, they're invaded by a band of masked freaks and forced to play a Wicked Game. To the intruders' unpleasant surprise, Harley's hard-boiled history has endowed her with a bag of tricks which give the game a surprise ending... We're

Father of the Cyborgs

Neurologist Phil Kennedy made global headlines in the late 90's by connecting the brain of a paralyzed man to a computer. He was compared to Alexander Graham Bell and became famously known as 'The Father of the Cyborgs'. Then in 2014, he shocked the medical and scientific community and his family when he traveled