Dirty Boy

We've had a great time working with the filmmakers on the new poster for upcoming Thriller 'Dirty Boy' starring Graham McTavish, Stan Steinbichler and Susie Porter. Looking forward to sharing with you soon. FIND OUT MORE For more film poster design from C&C =AT0R7BFfW816bLpMAX81FKKuZzjpYMiagMBhZCpzaa5FBCuokEPYFrzdABzy51qDSjP9LDYMKRKe5PwN1qYmvyO6qYOMuZYyFoYNw_cUGXYsYlrHRztTjo9059cGdYRQvQ9bhTzsqLng2xrYKaVpmQ8PJIzIeyxHqd17eucg6vKZm0fP8wMLk4FzieT1a-G60JOZijgiHQrQZtHpaZ-fD0QGt5_xzotNTXM1" text_transform="" title="" target="_self" link_attributes="" alignment_medium="" alignment_small="" alignment="" modal=""


We're super excited to be working on the film posters for this cracking new Irish comedy. We've seen it... it's excellent! Find the release date in your country and put it in your dairy. More on the posters from us soon... in the meantime check the trailer: WATCH NOW For more film

Rite Here Rite Now

Ghost have just announced their debut feature film, 'Rite Here Rite Now'. The band will be bringing their highly-anticipated movie to cinemas for two nights on June 20 and 22, courtesy of Trafalgar Releasing. It’s both a concert film – captured at their two-night stint at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles on the