“Following his explosive career as a member of one of Korea’s hottest K-pop groups, Kang Daniel has chosen to walk down a path all his own. While he faced obstacles due to circumstances outside of his control in the early days of his solo career, it was during this time that Kang Daniel explored and discovered his true colors as an artist. With the release of his first studio album, Kang Daniel stands before fans once again with ‘FIRST PARADE,’ his first solo concert in Seoul that also marks the start of an epic world tour. This concert documentary film chronicles Daniel’s time in the rehearsal room, his stripped back and natural self with the people closest to him, and a glimpse into his mindset and resolve through heartfelt interviews. As we cheer for Kang Daniel on his path of transforming his dreams into reality, we soon find ourselves cheering for our own journeys as well.

Kang Daniel – My Parade comes to cinemas Worldwide on August 30 & September 2 only.


Trailer by Coffee & Cigarettes: