BTS share trailer for upcoming concert film ‘BTS: Yet To Come in Cinemas’.
The film covers BTS’ sold-out show in Busan, South Korea, and will hit cinemas globally on Feb 1.
C&C are thrilled to have been able to play a part in the BTS global cinema journey which for us began in 2018 with the worldwide release of ‘Burn the Stage’. Since then we have seen record after record broken by this incredible band, each time becoming the new world record holder for the highest grossing event cinema release of all time with ‘Bring the Soul’ in 2020 and ‘Permission to Dance’ in 2022 which eclipsed all previous records by grossing $32.6 million in just a few nights.
All eyes are now on the Feb 1 release of ‘BTS Yet to Come’ so if you haven’t got your tickets already you should probably hurry!
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