We’re working away on new posters for ‘Sunlight’. The feature debut from Claire Dix was written by Ailbhe Keogan (Joyride, Run & Jump ) and stars Barry Ward (Extra Ordinary, Dating Amber), Liam Carney (Braveheart, The Commitments) and Maureen Beattie (Outlander, Doctor Who).
Former-addict Leon (Ward) loves his best friend Iver (Carney) more than anything else in the world. Iver’s the reason he’s clean and romping about the place like a wild pinball. So when Iver gets a terminal diagnosis and decides to leave this earth early, Leon’s not about to let him go without a fight, even if it means being a royal pain in the arse. He forces Iver to agree to one last day in Dublin, hoping to convince him to live. Will he succeed? The outcome knocks both of them off course: some things are so wrong they’re right….
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