Our poster for the drama, ‘ Cake ‘.

Asim Abbasi’s ‘ Cake ‘ in cinemas March 30th 2018

“Speaking with The Express Tribune, the film’s director Asim Abbasi said the dominant theme in the film is time. “Time is the connecting thread… Absolutely. It’s time in terms of how people grow old, in terms of how we deal with the past and the regrets people have,” he shared. “We are exploring parent-child relationship, how children grow up but remain children for their parents. We are approaching the relationship between siblings and different dynamics within a family and between lovers, but all in a realistic way. We have tried to stay away from melodrama and keep it natural. It’s very emotionally-charged but not melodramatic.”

Abbasi has previously spoken about the meaning behind the film’s title. Reiterating the idea, he said, “Cake is like a silent observer at every big moment of our lives. It will be interesting to see how many times the audience will see a cake popping up in the frame.””
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