Managing the UK Theatrical release of Moon Man, on behalf of Wildcard Distribution, Coffee & Cigarettes had a hugely successful launch through Picturehouse Cinemas in December and the film has continued to play at other venues across the country since then. Screenings of the film are due to run until Easter 2014 by which time it will have played in over 60 venues. Commenting on the success of the release Patrick O’Neill, CEO of Wildcard Distribution said :

“Working with Coffee & Cigarettes on the UK release of Moon Man was a fantastic experience. We feel their knowledge of the UK market and their enthusiasm for the project was vital to the film reaching a wide and engaged audience. We’re thrilled that so many people have had the chance to see this wonderful family film and we look forward to working with the Coffee & Cigarettes team on future projects.”

The Home Entertainment release of Moon Man follows in April and Coffee & Cigarettes will continue work on the title in conjunction with Wildcard Distribution.