By Andreas Wiseman Screen Daily
EXCLUSIVE: Panizzo, Clark launch London-based distribution consultancy and creative agency.

Former Revolver executives Eduardo Panizzo and Tom Clark have launched London-based integrated distribution consultancy and creative agency Coffee & Cigarettes.

The consultancy and agency will offer key-art, trailers, websites and digital materials, as well as all print and AV advertising formats to distributors and sales companies, in addition to producer consultation on investment and development, distribution deal brokering, self-distribution and marketing.

Joining Clark and Panizzo at the company are designer Ash Stevenson, trailer and commercials director and editor Gareth Molan and digital manager Niall Conlon.

“One of the things I believe makes us unique is that we bring an experienced distribution perspective to each of the projects we work on,”

Clark told ScreenDaily.
“Having acquired, marketed and released more than 350 films in the UK and US over the past 10 years we have developed a good sense of what works, and why, and we feel this offers everyone we work with some tangible value.”

“We also want to help producers to realise the full potential of their product, which is often directly linked to the presentation, packaging and quality of their marketing materials,” added Panizzo.
“New technology means that the domestic and international distribution world is getting smaller and with our experience and contacts we feel that we can help producers achieve their goals. Increasingly in the UK we have found that self-distribution is now a genuine option and we are happy to be a conduit for that, providing producers with greater transparency and greater control of their revenue.”


Clark, formerly head of marketing and creative at Revolver, oversaw campaigns on Grizzly Man, Tell No One, Kidulthood and The Imposter.

Former Revolver head of acquisitions Panizzo has acquired or jointly-acquired more than 100 titles across his career for territories including UK, North America, Australia, Canada, France and Germany.

Stevenson has worked on theatrical and home entertainment key-arts and marketing campaigns for films including The Pianist, Shaun of the Dead, Hannibal Rising, Iron Sky and The Imposter.

Molan, who will head C & C’s production department, has worked on campaigns including The Flowers of War, iLL Manors and Liberal Arts. He has also been an animator for Playstation, notably on Wipeout and F1.

Conlon, formerly digital manager at Revolver worked on campaigns including Snowtown, iLL Manors, The Imposter and Into the Abyss, he will oversee the outfit’s digital offering from bespoke film websites to tailored social media campaigns.