Sales & Marketing representation for EFM and beyond

Coffee and Cigarettes would love to hear more about your next project and how we can help you and lend some value. In addition to represent your film we can also help you packaging it by creating a sales pack.

Now we help producers to develop their projects with a Sales & Marketing focus to make sure they are creating a package that appeals to both Sales Agents and Distributors alike. Our main services in this area include:

1. Marketing Materials / Packaging of the film for sale: Key Art, Trailer, Website, Sales Pack
2. US Distribution Deal (we place you directly with the distributor so our service is 100% transparent) – we negotiate your deal terms and vet your contracts to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal and there are no stingers inserted by the distributor
3. UK Distribution Deal (again placing you direct and not inserting ourselves into the revenue streams) – deal terms as above
4. International Sales Agent placement (we find you the best International Sales Agent – we find that this is sometimes easier for independent films once a credible US and/or UK Distributor has come on board) – again we negotiate/vet your deal terms
5. Project Development (all producers need different levels of help with different aspects of a film’s development so we create a bespoke package to suit your needs)


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