Born from the ashes of UK-based distributor Revolver, Coffee & Cigarettes is offering distribution and creative services to international producers.

In the aftermath of the closure

[of Revolver], a number of former staff members got together to form Coffee & Cigarettes (C&C), to offer international distribution and creative services, and launched the company at Cannes in May.

One of C&C`s founders, Tom Clark, is looking for business down in this part of the world, having worked with a number of NZ companies a couple of years ago. Clark was Revolver`s Head of Marketing & Creative Director. C&C`s other founding partner is Revolver`s former Head of Acquisitions, Eduardo Panizzo.

At Revolver, the team won several awards for its release campaigns, covering over 350 titles released into the UK, USA and NZ since the early 2000s.

C&C also works directly with producers from development and attracting investment to a project, through to release. Its team also includes former Revolver team members designer Ash Stevenson (campaigns for The Pianist, Shaun Of The Dead, Van Helsing, Outlander, Hannibal Rising and Iron Sky); trailer and TVC director Gareth Molan (The Flowers of War, Ill Manors, Liberal Arts) and digital manager Niall Conlon (Snowtown, The Imposter, Into the Abyss).

In NZ, Clark has previously worked with Vendetta on the release of Paul Campion`s The Devil`s Rock; and on Gibson Group`s Fresh Meat.

Dave Gibson told Screen Hub the company worked with Clark on early market analysis for Fresh Meat when the film was being financed and said he “found Tom`s international perspective, especially on genre films and home entertainment, invaluable.”

Writer David Brechin-Smith (Paradise Cafe, The Hopes & Dreams of Gazza Snell, The Cult, The Strip) has also worked with Clark on the development of his feature Lowdown Dirty Criminals.

Brechin-Smith praised Clark`s Investment Rationale and Marketing Strategy, “which has been very beneficial in helping us understand how to best position our film in the marketplace.” Clark also created a product placement and branding proposal for the project, which Brechin-Smith said would be “crucial in securing corporate sponsorship, which will make up a large chunk of the film’s financing plan.”

Clark hopes C&C will be able to develop more relationships in the NZ market, as he and Panizzo strive to build C&C into a strong, internationally-focused company.