An interesting piece on ‘What Types of Low Budget Films Break Out?’ in the lead up to AFM and nice to see three in there that the C&C team acquired and worked on the campaigns for; ‘Tyson: The Movie’, ‘Sin Nombre’ and ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’:

For more informations :

What Types of Low-Budget Films Break Out?

Breakout indie hits are the romantic stories in the movie business. A lone filmmaker’s vision becomes a box office sensation bringing them fame and fortune.

Are these breakout hits random or do they share some kind of DNA that can teach us how to make profitable independent films?
To answer the question, our team reviewed every film released from 2000 through 2015, budgeted between $500k and $3 million, that generated at least $10 million in Producer’s Net Profit.

They discovered that the breakout hits fall into just four categories. See the full analysis to learn what makes each group so successful, and which genres never succeed, at…

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