We are very pleased to announce that our poster for The Ballerina won ‘ Best Poster ’ at the 2017 Orlando Film Festival last week

Congratulations to Steve Pullen and the production team of ‘The Ballerina’ which won ‘Best Screenplay’ at the Orlando Film Festival last week. Our poster picked up ‘Best Poster’ also!

Orlando Film Festival awards and nominations

More about Orlando Film Festival:

Named one of the top “25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World” by Moviemaker Magazine, we make it our business to take care of our filmmakers. In addition to large, appreciative crowds, other perks include deep discounts at many of the local bars & restaurants, as well as hugely discounted rates at our official festival hotel. On Thursday mornings we offer a filmmaker-only private backlot tour at Universal Studios, which is an eye-opening highlight for those who attend. Our nightly parties have been known to shut down a few bars and our sponsor Stella Artois always takes care of the beer. We also give out over 25 filmmaking and screenwriting awards with some fantastic prizes, including a ShortsHD distribution deal offer for EVERY winning short film!

We’ve showcased films that have gone on to Academy Nominations and even one that took home the Oscar. We’ve also been honored with a slew of celebrity guests including Cheryl Hines, Olympia Dukakis, Erik Stolhanski, Christopher Titus, Haley Joel Osment, Alison Brie, Bob Hawk, and many others. But the truth is you can submit a film full of A-list celebrities or something you shot at your Grandma’s house with some friends. Your film’s budget doesn’t matter nor does its premiere status. All we care about is finding high-quality independent cinema. If your film fits that simple criteria, please send it our way.

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