They Shall Not Grow Old

We’re thrilled to be working with director & producer, Peter Jackson , on the trailer for groundbreaking new WWI documentary, ‘ They Shall Not Grow Old ‘. In cinemas October 16 with live Q&A with Peter Jackson

Footage of soldiers at and behind the front lines during World War I.
A documentary about World War I with never-before-seen footage to commemorate the centennial of the end of the war.

FUll article on the BBC about They Shall Not Grow Old :

“The reason the films are in black and white was due to technological limitations, Jackson says (access to very rare colour moving-image film was limited), rather than an aesthetic choice taken by the filmmakers.

Hence his willingness to jump into the fairly controversial arena of “colourisation” (the process of transforming back and white footage into colour).

He makes a reasonable point. It is not as if he is producing a colour version of a film that was intentionally made in black and white for artistic reasons. He is attempting to make a documentary that might have been made at the time if colour film had been available.

He applies the same argument to the soundscape that he has added to the old silent films. The result is stunning. His brief to his sound team was short and ambitious: he wanted the viewer to believe that there was a sound recordist accompanying the cameramen out on the battlefields (there wasn’t).

The result is extraordinary.”

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